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Dutch East India Company. The VOC flag. Photo credit: Michael Coghlan via Flickr. Known under the initials VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie), the Dutch East India Company would be worth. The Dutch East India Company, officially the United East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie; VOC; Indonesian: Kompeni), was a megacorporation founded by a government-directed amalgamation of several rival Dutch trading companies (voorcompagnieën) in the early 17th century. It was established on 20 March 1602, as a chartered company to trade with Mughal India during the. Over four centuries ago, the Dutch East India Company made history as the world's first IPO. Known as VOC in the Netherlands, the company was one of the most successful ventures in the last several hundred years. When adjusted for inflation, its highest market capitalization would be worth over $7 TRILLION today (i.e. ten times the size of. Map of Dutch East India Company trading network curtesy of Trasport Geography. The VOC would go on to trade across the world, mainly focusing on the Dutch East Indies and other Dutch holdings.

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The Dutch East India Company, was, for all intents and purposes, its own country - a country whose sole purpose was to make the Dutch government, and private investors, richer. The Dutch East. In fact, at its height, the Dutch East India Company was worth roughly the same amount as the GDPs of modern-day Japan ($4.8T) and Germany ($3.4T) added together. Even further, in today's chart, we added the market caps of 20 of the world's largest companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, ExxonMobil, Berkshire Hathaway, Tencent, and Wells Fargo. All of them combined gets us to $7.9. The Dutch East India Company was large for its time but it is nowhere near being the most profitable company in history. There was an infographic [1] circulating a year ago about how the Dutch East India Company, or Verenigde Oost-Indische Compa.. A bibliography of publications relating to the dutch East India Company 1602-1800. HES, Utrecht 1991, ISBN 90-6194-497-X. Jürgen G. Nagel: Abenteuer Fernhandel. Die Ostindienkompanien. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 2007, ISBN 978-3-534-18527-6. Robert Parthesius: Dutch Ships in Tropical Waters. The Development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Shipping Network in Asia.

Die Britische Ostindien-Kompanie (British East India Company, BEIC), bis 1707 English East India Company (EIC), war eine Ostindien-Kompanie, die durch einen Freibrief entstand, den Königin Elisabeth I. einer Gruppe von reichen Londoner Kaufleuten am 31. Dezember 1600 ausstellte. Die Gesellschaft erhielt den Namen Governors and Company of merchants of London trading to the East-Indies Dutch East India Company, trading company founded in the Dutch Republic (present-day Netherlands) in 1602 to protect that state's trade in the Indian Ocean and to assist in the Dutch war of independence from Spain. The company prospered through most of the 17th century as the instrument of the Dutch commercial empire The English East India Company, no doubt. Dutch East Indian company went bankrupt in 1799 owing to a massive corruption and the Dutch government had to step in and take over the islands that today comprise Indonesia. On the other hand the English. 1755 Netherlands / Dutch East India Company - VOC Duit Coin / Token - Utrecht. $19.99. $4.00 shipping. 4 VOC Dutch East Indies Co Copper Duits Coins,1700's, Certificate,Story & Album . $36.09. Was: $37.99. FAST 'N FREE. 13 watching. 1790 VOC N.E. Indies 2 Duiten NGC XF 40 BN, UTRECHT-STAR Witter Coin . $200.00. $3.99 shipping. or Best Offer. Voc duit Utrecht 1790 - Netherlands - Dutch East.

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Indonesia - Indonesia - Growth and impact of the Dutch East India Company: Regardless of whether Europeans constituted the primary historical force in 17th-century Indonesia, their presence undoubtedly initiated changes that in the long run were to be of enormous importance. The VOC itself represented a new type of power in the region: it formed a single organization, traded across a vast area. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) is regarded as the first modern multinational as by the renewal of its charter in 1623, its shares were not only traded on stock exchanges but it had a permanent capital while directors and shareholders had limited liability. Following Apple's milestone in 2012 in becoming the most valuable listed company, the false claims on VOC's value began when Motley. INDIA-DUTCH. Dutch East India Company. (1747-81) AV Pagoda. NGC MS67 Negapatnam. $1,943.00. Free shipping. Make Offer - INDIA-DUTCH. Dutch East India Company. (1747-81) AV Pagoda. NGC MS67 Negapatnam. NETH. EAST INDIES 1 DUIT 1786 MINT ERROR ZEELAND XF 113. $25.00 +$5.99 shipping. Make Offer - NETH. EAST INDIES 1 DUIT 1786 MINT ERROR ZEELAND XF 113. INDIA-DUTCH. United East India Company (1602.

The Dutch Seaborne Empire: 1600-1800. London, 1965. Burger, M. (2003), The Forgotten Gold? The Importance of the Dutch opium trade in the Seventeenth Century, in Eidos. University College Utrecht Academic Magazine. Issue 2/2003; Chaudhuri, K.N., and Israel, J.I. (1991), The English and Dutch East India Companies and the Glorious Revolution of 1688-9, in: Israel, J.I. (ed.), The Anglo-Dutch. I assume the calculation is based on a percentage of global gdp, ie the dutch east india company was worth 5% of world gdp. So they then used 5% of gbp today to calculate. Continue this thread level 1. 42 points · 1 year ago. Fake news. When looking at figures like this, first perform a common-sense check. Click through the link. The $7.9 Trillion figure comes from the value at the time of.

Not to mention, the Dutch East India Company RULED what is currently the 6th largest economy in the world, and used to be a major developing nation for 250 years. Imagine where India would've been minus that suppression. EDIT: I have mistaken the Dutch for The British When calculating for inflation, if the Dutch East India Company were around today they would be worth an insane $7.5 trillion dollars. To give you some perspective, Apple has a market capital of $736 billion dollars, while that's very high it doesn't even come close to the Dutch East India Company. So who were they and why were they so valuable

The East India Company also launched a joint attack with the Dutch United East India Company (VOC) on Portuguese and Spanish ships off the coast of China, which helped secure EIC ports in China. The company established trading posts in Surat (1619), Madras (1639), Bombay (1668), and Calcutta (1690) Between 1595 and 1795 the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and its predecessors before 1602 equipped more than 4,700 ships to sail from the shores of the Netherlands bound for Asia. More than 3,400 ships made the return voyage home. The reference work Dutch-Asiatic Shipping has classified these voyages on which Dutch trade between Europe and Asia was founded in a systematic survey. The source. This was a naval battle between the East India Company and Dutch and Portuguese traders in the Surat region which saw the Company secure a major victory. 1613 (June) The Clove, a ship belonging to the Company, commanded by John Saris, reached Japan. It carried a letter of introduction and gifts from King James I. The Company was given the right to establish a trading post on the island of.

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My 12 year old son's been reading about the Dutch East India Company and would love to see anything that remains of their time in power. Is there a museum or any buildings or anything else worth visiting? I've looked online and in guide books, but haven't been able to find anything. I was thinking of basing ourselves in Amsterdam, but would happily go anywhere that had something worth seeing. The Dutch continuously clashed with the British, entering two wars that devastated both sides. The second conflict took place between 1780 and 1784 and almost ruined the company, with British forces destroying half of the Dutch fleet. The numbers were never recovered and by 1799 the Dutch East India Company was completely disbanded View of Table Bay with ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), c. 1683. In the 1600s the size of the Dutch merchant fleet probably exceeded the combined fleets of England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany.. The United East India Company or the United East Indian Company, also known as the United East Indies Company (Dutch language: Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagni Über 7 Millionen englische Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen

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  1. The Dutch East India Company, which sent ships from the Low Countries to the East Indies, was founded in 1602. To raise capital, the owners borrowed money from anyone willing to participate and.
  2. Dutch East India Company. The Dutch East India Company of Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie was a massive corporation and stock company in the 17th century. At one point, the company had a total.
  3. The Dutch East India Company was worth $7.9 Trillion at its peak - more than 20 of the largest companies today Submitted December 12, 2017 at 09:18AM by PostNationalism via reddi
  4. East India Company Rupee=16 anna; Anna=4 paisa; Paisa=3 pai William IV king of Great Britain (1830-1837) 1 rupee 1835 silver ONE RUPEE / EAST INDIA COMPANY / 1835 WILLAM III KING Coin value - $30-40: 1/4 rupee 1835 silver 1/4 RUPEE / EAST INDIA COMPANY / 1835 WILLAM III KING Coin value - $40-50: 1/2 anna 1835 bronze HALF ANNA / EAST INDIA COMPANY 1835 Coin value - $8-12: 1/4 anna 1835 bronze.
  5. The Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC in old-spelling Dutch) chartered by the States-General of the Netherlands to expand trade and assure close relations between the government and its colonial enterprises in Asia. The company was granted a monopoly on Dutch trade East of the Cape of Good Hope and West of the Straits of Magellan
  6. The Dutch East India Co. was the first company to allow the public to invest in its business, in what was the world's earliest initial public offering. Commonly known as VOC, for its Dutch name.
  7. Dutch East India Co. Industry: Global Trade. Value in Today's Dollars: $8.2 Trillion. Colour woodblock print depicting a Dutch Ship of the Dutch East India Company, 1860. Universal History Archive—UIG via Getty Images. The Dutch East India Co. has been dubbed the world's first multinational. At the end of the 16th century, Dutch ships set sail to South and East Asia to bring spices such.

British East India company This is Manhattan What was a very important resource in this time? How did the British and Dutch East India company change the world? Essential question Multiple Choice Question - Nutmeg was a very rare and valuable resource. - It only grew on few smal The Dutch East India Company had a more successful strategy on account of sound money, an efficient tax system and a system of public debt by which the government could borrow from its citizens at. At the peak of the Tulip Mania in 1636-1637, the Dutch East India Company (VOC in Dutch) was worth 78 million Dutch guilders, or astounding $7.9 trillion in modern dollars, according to Visual Capitalist

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The Dutch East India Company (VOC, Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie), founded in 1602 and liquidated in 1795, was a Dutch trading company. It was the largest and most impressive of the early modern European trading companies operating in Asia. It got the authority of the Dutch government in the trade zone between South Africa and Japan to conduct trade, erect fortifications, appoint governors. The Dutch East India Company (VOC, Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie), founded in 1602 and liquidated in 1795, was the largest and most impressive of the early modern European trading companies operating in Asia. About twenty-five million pages of VOC records have survived in repositories in Jakarta, Colombo, Chennai, Cape Town, and The Hague. The VOC archives make up the most complete and. View Dutch East India Company Research Papers on Academia.edu for free

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  1. How 275 years ago an Indian prince defeated the Dutch East India Company It was the first victory of an Asian kingdom over a European power
  2. Part I: The Dutch East India Company The Dutch East Indies (Dutch: Nederlands-Indië; Indonesian: Hindia-Belanda) was a Dutch colony that became modern Indone..
  3. Netherlands East Indies coins online. Find the best selection from the most respected coins dealers around the world. Visit Now! Dutch East Indies Louis Napoleon duit 1810. US$ 25.00. Midwest Numismatics. VOC Netherlands East Indies - Zeeland Arms; Duit 1790. US$ 8.00. Midwest Numismatics . VOC Netherlands East Indies - Zeeland Arms; Duit 1790. US$ 8.00. Midwest Numismatics. VOC.
  4. istration of the Dutch government in 1800
  5. The East India Trading Company, otherwise referred to as the East India Company or abbreviated as EITC, was a British joint-stock company and megacorporation formed for pursuing and monopolizing trade with the Indian subcontinent and East Indies, and later expanded to China and the Caribbean.The East India Company traded mainly in cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, saltpetre, tea and opium
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Perfekte Dutch East India Company Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst findet Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is owned by an Anglo Dutch company Unilever which holds 67% shares of the company. The company was founded in 1933 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is producing products like foods, beverages, cleaning agents, water purifiers and personal care products. The company has a strong distribution network and its products are available in more. English/Dutch - All TimezonesHistory: The Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC, United East India Company) was a chartered company established in 1602, when the States-General of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out colonial activities in Asia. It is often considered to have been the first multinational corporation in the world and it. Finally, studies of the Dutch East India Company period (1602-1799) concentrate on trade, political economy, and, more recently, urban history.[9] Because slave trade was in general insignificant in monetary terms, most surveys and regional studies on the Dutch East India Company mention slavery and the slave trade only in passing. In the eighteenth century, for instance, when the volume of.

The end of the 16th century saw Dutch expansion in Asia, as The Dutch East India Company (the VOC) was fast becoming an Asian power, both political and economic. By 1669, the VOC was the richest private company the world had ever seen. This landmark study looks at perhaps the most important tool in the Company trading - its ships. In order to reconstruct the complete shipping activities of the. The East India Company, the American Revolution, The Boston Tea Party. Illuminat The East India Company: A Brief Survey from 1599 [to] 1857 Tripta Desai Snippet view - 1984. Common terms and phrases. affairs Agent and Council Ahmedabad allowed Bantam Bengal Board Bombay Books British Captain century Charles charter Clive coast Committee Commons Company's Council of Surat countries Court dated Direction Directors Dutch East India Company East India Papers Emperor England. In 1609, the Dutch coerced some Bandanese rulers into signing the Eternal Treaty, granting the Dutch East Indies Company a monopoly on spice trade in the Bandas. The Dutch then strengthened their Bandanaira fortress, Fort Nassau. This was the last straw for the Bandanese, who ambushed and killed the Dutch admiral for the East Indies and about forty of his officers

British East India Company • First it was called Honorable East India Company (HEIC) or often John Company. Based in London. • An early joint-stock company, which was granted an English Royal Charter by Elisabeth I. on December 31, 1600. • Queen Elisabeth granted the monopoly rights to bring goods from India. • The Royal Charter gave the newly created HEIC a 21 monoply on all. DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY, THE (Oostindische Vereenigde Maatschappij), a body founded by a charter from the Netherlands states-general on the 20th of March 1602. It had a double purpose: first to regulate and protect the already considerable trade carried on by the Dutch in the Indian Ocean, and then to help in prosecuting the long war of independence against Spain and Portugal. Before the. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Dutch East India Company' im Kroatisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. The Dutch East India Company was a chartered company established in 1602, when the States General of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out trade activities in Asia. It is often considered to have been the first multinational corporation in the world and it was the first company to issue stock. It was a powerful company, possessing quasi-governmental powers, including the. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Dutch East India Company' im Spanisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.

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  1. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Dutch East India Company' im Italienisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.
  2. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Dutch East India Company' im Rumänisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.
  3. Übersetzung Polnisch-Deutsch für Dutch East India company im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion
  4. Bhawan Ruangsilp, Autor von Dutch East India Company Merchants at the Court of Ayutthaya : Dutch, bei LibraryThin
  5. The Dutch East India Company Was Richer Than Apple, Google and Facebook Combined. The Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC), better known as the Dutch East-India company was set up in 1602, head-quartered in the Oost-Indisch Huis (East-India House) in downtown Amsterdam - which still stands today. The VOC's stocks pushed the company's worth to a massive 78 million Dutch.

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A RARE Gorgeous Coin From : 1790 Dutch East India Company VOC Double Duit Dutch Colonial New York Penny This amazing copper Duit coin was minted over 200 years ago and is similar to the ones used by the Dutch in the era when they bought the island of Manhattan (present-day New York City) for the equivalent of $24 in Dutch coins. These were brought to the colonies by the Dutch when they. East Indies: The 200 Year Struggle Between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company for Supremacy in the Eastern Seas. by Ian Burnet | Aug 9, 2017. 4.1 out of 5 stars 10. Paperback $26.54 $ 26. 54 $29.95 $29.95. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Hardcover The Dutch East India Company and British East India Company: The History and Legacy of the. The company then built on its victory and drove the French and Dutch out of the Indian subcontinent. In the years that followed, the East India company forcibly annexed other regions of the.

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The Dutch East India Company, 1595-1795 Jan Lucassen International Institute for Social History Abstract This essay focuses on the emergence of an international labor market connecting Europe with southern Africa and south and southeast Asia, showing the intertwining of com mercialization and proletarianization in the institution that created and coordinated per haps the most important. Including articles about people and activities (events) relating to the Dutch East India Company‎ in the Age of Exploration (also known as Age of Discovery). FANDOM. Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Military. 256,081 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. List of Easy Company (506 PIR) veterans.

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  1. The Dutch West India Company. The Dutch settlements, like the French, were supported mainly by. Fur Trading. What was bought by Peter Minuit for twenty-four dollars' worth of trade goods? Manhattan Island. Peter Minuit was named _____ of the Dutch colony called New Netherlands in 1626. governor. Why did the Dutch send families to settle in America? to secure their land claims to oversee the.
  2. ation: Cent '1700'S Treasure of the Dutch East Indies Company' VOC Dutch Duit AKA- 1 st New York Penny NETHERLAND EAST INDIES DUIT OBVERSES : V.O.C. MONOGRAM, DATE BELOW DUIT REVERSE : CROWNED ARMS OF THE RESPECTIVE PROVINCE METAL: COPPER SIZE RANGE: Half duit : 15mm-17mm One duit : 20mm-22mm Double duit : 25mm-27mm Dated 1720-1799 Date Our.
  3. East India Company: Worth stopping by.... Yummy - See 287 traveler reviews, 25 candid photos, and great deals for Ottawa, Canada, at Tripadvisor
  4. The East India Company established a few major precedents for modern corporations. But it also shaped the world in countless other ways. With both the financial and military support of the Crown, the EIC served as an instrument of imperialism for England.The company had its own private army and raised soldiers in the areas it subjugated. Its expansionism spurred several wars that produced at.
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  1. The East India Company: A History by Philip Lawson (London, 1993) Bengal: The British Bridgehead, Eastern India, 1740-1828 in The New Cambridge History of India, (vol. II, 2) by P J Marshall.
  2. The Dutch East India Company, known by its initials VOC, began in 1602 to trade spices. In 1609, Henry Hudson, while exploring for VOC, discovered New York harbor and the Hudson River, resulting in many Dutch settlements in the area. By the 1700's, with its sovereign powers, VOC exported goods and spices from a dozen Asian countries, held territories, employed 36,000 people, built 1500 ships.
  3. Dutch East India Company - Wikipedia. English East India Company - British Library. East India Company at Home, 1757-1857 - University of Warwick and University College London. English East.
  4. The East India Company controlled a standing army of some 200,000 men, more than most European states. None of today's state-owned companies has yet gone this far, though the China National.
  5. Karl Marx wrote in Genesis of the Industrial Capitalist, Volume One of Capital: The English East India Company, as is well known, obtained, besides the political rule in India, the exclusive monopoly of the tea-trade, as well as of the Chinese trade in general, and of the transport of goods to and from Europe. The monopolies of salt, opium, betel and other commodities, were.
  6. After the Amboina Massacre in 1623, the British found themselves practically ousted from Indonesia (then known as The Dutch East Indies). Losing horribly to the Dutch, the Company abandoned all hopes of trading out of Indonesia, and concentrated instead on India, a territory they previously considered as a consolation prize. Under the secure blanket of Imperial patronage, the British gradually.

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At it's pinnacle the HEIC was granted a 21 year monopoly on the 31st of December 1600, over the East Indies, which is effectively India. India's GDP in 2006 was $4.156 trillion dollars. So that's roughly what a company would be worth if it had first say when it came to trade throughout the entire country Maiden Voyage to the East Indies. Batavia left Texel, Holland on her maiden voyage to the exotic East Indies as the flagship of the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC) fleet of 1629.She was commanded by one of the VOC's most experienced merchants, Francisco Pelsaert, but not even he could have foreseen what was in store for the Batavia and her crew The 'East India Company' should be a disambiguation page. Jackiespeel 22:09, March 4, 2012 (UTC

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Coins › Indonesia › Netherlands East Indies . The Netherlands East Indies (also Dutch East Indies) was a Dutch colony that became the independent state of Indonesia in 1945, though recognised only in 1949. Wikidata: Q188161. See also: Indonesia, Netherlands, British East Indies. Java - Countermarked Coinage; Madura - Countermarked Coinag East India Company : The most important of the various East India companies, this company was a major force in the history of India for more than 200 years. The original charter was granted by Queen Elizabeth I on December 31, 1600, under the title of The Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies. The company was granted a monopoly of trade in Asia, Africa, and. Showing page 1. Found 0 sentences matching phrase Dutch East India Company.Found in 2 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked. Be warned Dutch East India Company coin Image ID FOT1333628 Rights RM Rights Managed Image Details Image File Attributes 3.8 MB JPEG Image Dimensions 4375 x 4793 px Image Print Size (at 300 ppi) 370 x 406 mm 14.6 x 16.0 in Visual Size @300ppi. Keywords Dutch East India Company Coin Coins Currency Gold Korean Japan Countermarked Indonesia 17th Century stock image stock photo Description Dutch East India.

Because of Anglo-Dutch hostilities during the early years of this stock, the English East India Company suffered great losses. As a result of these losses, the Company found it necessary to call up two installments in 1619 [Chaudhuri, 1965, p. 219]. Despite efforts to ameliorate the financial situation of this joint-stock, matters became worse with time. The acute problems of maintaining. The East India Company was established in London in the time of Shakespeare. But from the 1700s it created the greatest corporate takeover of all time. Seeking to dominate the global trade in. EAST INDIA COMPANY (THE BRITISH), a trading company incorporated on 31 December 1600 for fifteen years with the primary purpose of exporting the staple production of English woolen cloths and importing the products of the East Indies.. i. The Safavid period.. ii. The Afsharid, Zand, and Qajar periods.. i. THE SAFAVID PERIOD. The East India Company initially had 125 shareholders and was.

The Company Fortress: Military Engineering and the Dutch East India Company in South Asia, 1638-1795 (Colonial and Global History Through Dutch Sources) von Erik Odegard | 15. Oktober 2020. Taschenbuch 55,15 € 55,15 € Vorbesteller-Preisgarantie. GRATIS Versand durch Amazon. Dieser Artikel ist noch nicht erschienen. Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company. von William. English: Logo of the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or VOC in Dutch, literally United East Indian Company). Source: Variation of File:VOC Logo.jpg. Author: Unknown author (vector graphics by Golradir) SVG development The source code of this SVG is valid. This logo was created with Inkscape. Licensing . Public domain Public domain false false: This image (or.

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Authentic Dutch East India Trading Company coin; Constructed in a sterling silver setting; Approximately 7/8 in diameter; Bullet back closure; Shipping Information. Usually ships the same business day * Due to the unique nature of this item, the item received may vary from the photograph. Our agreement with the vendor does not allow for any discounts on this item. Skip to the end of the. The Dutch East India Company and British East India Company: The History and Legacy of the World. AnnFoster1707. 0:27 [Popular] The Honourable Company: History of the English East India Company Paperback Collection. Shaylaeabury. 0:37. PDF The Honourable Company History of the English East India Company Download Full Ebook . Maryellen Traina. 0:26. Download The Honourable Company: History of. View Academics in Dutch East India Company on Academia.edu In East India Company, players will enjoy building the World's most powerful trading empire & engaging in vigorous battles in both single player & multiplayer modes, all within a breathtaking cinematic game environment. Players will fight, manage, and rule nations from Europe to the Far East with eight nationalities to chose from: British, Dutch, French, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish.

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